We’re hiring staffs and interns, also welcoming volunteers.

Our organization is taking a leap forward by a start-up team.

Join our projects to make a better planet for the future generations.

[Current job openings]

1.A position who will be responsible for our website, newsletter, and server management including SEO solution.


2.Project manager to promote vegetarian or vegan options.

(Professional skills, including copywriting, SNS posting, event operation, research, marketing and administration, are welcome.)

Vegetarian or vegan options are important for protecting our environments and animals as well as solving food-related and health issues.

A number of vegetarians or vegans have increased recently and their ways of life are well regarded abroad. However, it is still hard to find those options in Japan.

We’re hiring staffs, interns, volunteers to help us make vegetarian and vegan options easily accessible in Japan.

[Job title]

*Paid staffs

Strong commitment to results as well as high-level of personal responsibility are needed.
Starting training and part time.


Will be a part of a team with supervision of our representative.


Will participate in our projects using your free time.

[Place of work]

We’ll interview our applicants in our main office Taito-ku, Tokyo.

Working from home is acceptable but you will go to the office or other places as needed.


Please submit following information to contact@vegeproject.org.

We encourage applicants to submit those information in Japanese if he/she is fluent in Japanese.

1.Job title (Paid staff, Intern or Volunteer)


3.Reasons for applying

4.A proposal of what you’d like to do (including how your skills can be utilized) in Vegeproject

5.Japanese proficiency (From unable = 0 to like native speakers = 10)

6.Your available time (For example, Monday-Wednesday 4 hours a day, Sat & Sun in the morning)

We’ll reply you within 48 hours.

If you do not get a reply from us, please check your spam folder and contact us by phone.

Looking forward to receiving your application!