We are working to make Japan a place where anyone can have vegan/vegetarian options at anytime.
Our activities include making more vegatarian options (applied the vegan standard), vegan certification, making VegeMap, support for stuent activities at universities, organizing events, and managing our website.

We provide our own vegan/vegetarian certificates.
Products and restaurants with menus that meet our standards can be put our certificate, more detail on

Vegan and Vegetarian  Mark Page

Please email us for any requests, questions, and more details.

We create paper copies of Tokyo Vege Map and Kyoto Vege Map that are found in information centers in addition to the online Vege Map.
We’re looking for sponsors, volunteers, and restaurants for support.
Or would you like to make a new Vege Map in a different city?

Read more on the VegeMap Page
Please contact us if you’re interested.

VegeTime is a website with various vegetarian information.
Our articles include various categories such as recipes, restaurants, ecology, health, entertainment, international, fashion so that everyone can enjoy.
VEGETIME TV interviews vegetarians and vegans from all around the world and makes vegetarianism-related videos using animation that are easy to understand and share.

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We provide support and suggestions for developping vegetarian/vegan friendly menus.
We help you complete and launch a plant-based menu that will taste good and meet your needs.
Sharing specialty for vegetarian/vegan dishes, required responses, and experiences and knowledge about marketing, we will also introduce ingredients and provide support based on your needs such as vegetarian/vegan cooking training and responding skills for non-Japanese speakers.

For more informations, visit our menu introduction page
Please email us for any requests, questions, and more details.