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Vege Project is a non-profit organization doing its best to make the vegan/vegetarian choices easier in Japan.

Dear restaurants and shops, would you like to be our friendship members to make the movement together with us ?
We also would like to receive a message from our future sponsors.

Become a sponsor

Please contact us via email (contact@vegeproject.org).

Friendship members:

This is for the restaurants and shops which support VegeProject and cooperate together.
The fee is 30,000/year.
Friendship members will receive (in Japan only):

  • a member’s card
  • our newsletter sent by mail (once a 4 months)
  • Newsletter and update by e-mail
  • Introducing you on our web media (we will check the content).

Become a friendship member:

Please contact us via email (contact@vegeproject.org) and let us know the information below.
1. your name, 2. your company/restaurant/shop’s name, 3. email address, 4. postal address, 5. the reason you willingly to become VegeProject member.
As soon as possible, we will give you a message back.
Then please pay the fee via Yucho bank or online payment (we will prepare the payment page).
*In case you will not receive our message in 2 days, please let us know via email, Facebook message or telephone call.
Thank you so much!

Transferring money to YUCHO Bank [Japan only]

■Financial Institution number: 9900 / ■Branch number 408 /■Code 14060 /
■Type of account: futsuu (regular) / ■Branch Name: yon zero hachi
■Number43147281 / ■Bank number: 4314728 / ベジプロジェクトジャパン

Thank you for joining us! Let’s make the change together!