We are a non-profit organization (NPO) working to increase vegan/vegetarian options.



We want to make a kind “Change” in society.
To respect diversity, the environment, the lives of animals, and people’s health
(and because it’s an exciting project).



To create a society in which vegetarian options are anywhere through cooperation with companies, educational institutions, the government, and international organizations.

VegeProject derived from a project whose aim was to introduce vegan standard “Vege menus” (vegan menus) to Kyoto University cafeterias. In 2013, having Haruko Kawano, who enrolled in a master’s course at Kyoto University, as the head of the project, we urged the administrator of the college cafeterias to inaugurate Vege menus, in the hope of having vegan/vegetarian-friendly food and the opportunity to learn about the concept of becoming a vegan/vegetarian. At that time, the then executive director of all cafeterias of Kyoto University, Nakajima, responded with empathy and offered full cooperation. Before Kawano’s graduation, Vege menus were introduced and they still have a great selection.

Drawing on that experience, we continued introducing Vege menus to other universities, restaurants and local authorities, and in 2015, we were able to hold an interview with Paul McCartney, who is an ex-member of The Beatles and promotes Meat Free Monday (an international campaign that encourages people to not eat meat on Mondays) across the world.

In 2016, VegeProject became an NPO and expanded our activities such as helping industries produce vegan products, issuing the vegan/vegetarian certified logo, collaborating with companies and community-developing administration, creating VegeMap to be distributed in a place like a tourist information centre.

We are working on promoting the values of veganism/vegetarianism and more opportunities to interact with them, to the society, by making more vegan/vegetarian “alternatives” accessible.

Haruko Kawano


  • NPO VegeProject Japan
  • Founder and representative
  • CEO of HUKU Corp.
  • Master of Agriculture, Kyoto University
  • Internship at Agfa gevert Inc. in Belgium
  • Work Experience at an overseas division in a food company
  • Finalist at a business contest, TSG 2016, organised by Tokyo Central
  • Member of Global Shapers Kyoto

A Word from the Director


I was a freshman in college when i knew the lifestyle of a vegetarian. This student from the Netherlands told me “More people are becoming vegetarian in consideration of the environmental issues. I remember at that time not being able to associate vegetarianism with environmental issues in my head.

Due to the loss of my beloved dog that I had spent 12 years with when I was 20, I started thinking of those dogs and cats that were killed for the sake of humanity in the pet industry. In that process, I also began not to cherish that pigs, cows, chickens, and fish were taken thier lives away, suffering, for my meals.
As I did more and more research, I found that the vegetarian and vegan lifestyles were the better choice not only for the animals, but also for the environment and those people suffering from their lack of food.
Even though I got into the agricultural department at Kyoto University based on my interest in environmental issues, adopting the vegetarian lifestyle was what I could do sooner than the high level lectures or a big project that would need a lot of costs and time.

I went vegetarian in college, and while I was doing an internship as a graduate student in Belgium, I sometimes met vegetarian people, and there were always vegetarian options since the lifestyle was socially recognized. In my last year at the graduate school after my return to Japan, I started this project of introducing vegan options to the university’s cafeteria. And this is how VegeProject started. While this project required much patience, we suceeded in introducing vegan menus thanks to all the support from many people. The veggie menu was of course appreciated by vegetarians but we also saw many other people choose and enjoy the vegan menu.

That was the time I realized “A change can be made”. After that, I continued VegeProject’s activities while working for another company as an employee, but on the day we had an interview with Paul McCartney, a former member of the Beatles, I decided “I’m going to live seriously”, and VegeProject became an NPO (non-profit organization) the following year.

I believe that even though it’s hard to change your customs all of a sudden, the world will be a better place if more people adopt the vegan/vegetarian lifestyles and the environment where vegetarians and those who want to try that lifestyle feel comfortable is made. Vegetarianism and veganism will have the next spotlight even in business.

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We, VegeProject, work to spread choices of vegetarian/vegan throughout Japan.
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Corporate Name

NPO VegeProject Japan

Description of our activities

Vege related lectures
Vegan Products, menu development, introduction support
Vegan and Vegetarian Certification mark
VegeMap Production (Web, Paper)
Student activities, introduction of vege menus
Organisation of vege related events
Vegetime.net webmedia



Haruko Kawano







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