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VegeProject Related Goods

You can buy vegan good relating to VegeProject! 100yen from mug and 50 yen from post card sets is donated to VegeProject. Thank you!

*The shipment fee written here is just inside Japan. If you would like to ship them abroad, please contact us.


Vegan Green Mug ¥1700/one mug

Size/About 120×96×84mm
Capacity/About 340ml

Shipment fee  ¥500 (Only in Japan)

Total ¥2200

Credit payment


Post cards 4 kinds set ¥508

-Tokyo Vege Map collaboration design 2 kinds

– Grate Vegan Wave

-Vegan Geisya

Shipment fee ¥92 (Only in Japan)

Total ¥600

Credit payment

*Please be sure that letting us know about your address and pay. Please contact us via email: or VegeProject Japan’s FB message.
When we receive your contact, we will definitely reply in 2 days.

Credit payment or Paying through bank is available.

Yucho bank (inside of Japan)
■code:14060 ■number:43147281
<If you don’t have Yucho bank>
■code of the bank 9900 ■number of brunch 408 ■kind Futsu
■name of brunch 408(Yon Zero Hachi) ■number 4314728