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Why Vegetarism/Veganism are worldwide trends ?

Commitment to Global warming

Greenhouse gas emission from livestock and the industry
is more than the combined exhaust from all transportation
(cars, planes, vessels, etc.).

Reference: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Commitment to resources

Livestock uses about 45% of the Earth’s total land,
30% of all fresh water, and
is the leading cause of rainforest destruction.

Reference: Livestock Exchange, no. 3 (2011), COWSPIRACY

Commitment to Healthcare

Vegan and vegetarian food can reduce the risk
and be helpful for the treatment of heart disease,
high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer.

Reference: T. Colin, Ph.D. Campbell, The China Study

Commitment to Animals

The current way to raise animals for our food is mainly “Factory Farming”.
In only Japan, every year about
657,690,000 lives are killed for beaf, pork and chickens.

Reference: The statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture Japan 2016

Commitment to Food Issues

It takes 10 kilograms of grains
to make 1 kilogram of beef.
Livestock consume more human-edible protein than they produce.



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