VegeProject representative Haruko Kawano spoke on ‘Basic and advanced cases of providing for vegetarians’ at the Tokyo Government-sponsored seminar on ‘Welcoming of Muslims & other foreign tourists’.

Concepts were introduced from the fundamentals of vegetarianism & veganism, through to market potential and global trends.

In addition, based on the VegeProject network and surveys conducted to date, we highlighted what vegetarians and vegans are seeking and key points relating to their needs.

The participants listened attentively, with many queuing up to exchange business cards, giving us optimism as we look to the future of vegetarianism and veganism in Japan.

After Kawano’s talk, the seminar continued with a lively talk by Masako Shimokawa, the owner of T’s Restaurant, a popular vegan restaurant in Jiyugaoka.

The secret to Shimokawa’s success, which has led to expansion of T’s Restaurant to include ‘T’s Tantan’ stores in Ueno and Tokyo stations, is surely a combination of Shimokawa’s agreeable nature and the delicious vegan-friendly food her stores specialise in.

On the 5th November there was also a ‘matching party’ held to introduce Muslim- and vegetarian-friendly food products and ingredients.

A variety of products and ingredients were displayed, and proposals made for vegetarians and vegans.

Products with which VegeProject is familiar were also exhibited.

Vegan pasta sauces currently on sale, produced by Kagome

Plant-based fried chicken, dumplings, pasta and meatballs from Green Culture

A noodle series by Misohan

There is one remaining date in this seminar series on ‘Welcoming Muslims & other foreign tourists’, which has been running since October.

This final seminar will be held on 22nd November at 13:30 on ‘Providing for the various customs and restrictions of foreign tourists – Kosher & Organic’

You will be able to learn some tips for setting up shops and developing products.

If you are interested, please sign up & come along!

Particulars and sign-up links can be found at: