We wrote message to the canteen.

We wrote message to the canteen to let them know there are many foreign students have problems without vegetarian menu at cafeterias in the university.

We visited the international office of the university to know how introduce Halal menus to the canteens.?



Meeting with the workers at Coop


We had the first meeting with the workers at Coop. We let them know that vegetarians can’t eat almost anything at the canteens and suggested better way.

We did a questionnaire survey to understand the need against vegetarian menus. 90 % of 84 foreign students answered that they want to try vegetarian menus at university canteens.


Questionnaire report


Meeting with the chief of a canteen

We had a meeting with the chief of one of the canteen.

We did the first tasting meeting.




The first tasting meeting


The 2nd tasting meeting

We improved the recipes of the menus and tried the 2nd tasting meeting, which was successful.

Weekly vegetarian trial menus are introduced when the new semester started.

Before this introduction, what vegetarian could eat was very limited such as rice. Now, however, vegetarians can also satisfy with veggie dishes.

We are still improving the vegetarian menus.


These are what vegetarian could eat before the introduction