Vegan options have increased at restaurants in the city centre and online. However it is still difficult to find vegan options when in a hurry or on-the-go. At those times, there are surely many vegans and vegetarians who wish “If only convenience stores had vegan options..!”

Autumn in 2019, Seven Eleven answered those prayers!

‘Veggie Penne’ (Royal Co. Ltd.) is a penne pasta with a tomato sauce made from 6 kinds of vegetables. This can be readily enjoyed straight from the refrigerator or after heating in the microwave.

Approved with the Vegan Seal by VegeProject Japan and certified to be completely free from any animal products – including those not listed on the ingredients list – this pasta is safe to eat for vegan and vegetarian customers. 

In addition, vegan visitors to Japan can confirm with one glance that this is safe to eat.

This ‘Veggie Penne’ is on sale at 9 stores in Tokyo, Edogawa-ku, Taito-ku, Toshima-ku and Chiyoda-ku. 

If the pasta sells well in these stores, it may even spread to other stores throughout Japan..!

Let’s support this release and get excited about making vegan options familiar to everyone in Japan! 

The pasta will be on sale at the following stores:

【9 stores selling the vegan pasta 】

  • Asakusa Kaminarimon-mae store 〒111-0034 東京都台東区雷門2-18-7 03-5828-6072
  • Minami Otsuka 3-chome store  〒170-0005 東京都豊島区南大塚3-2-11 03-5396-6770
  • Akihabara eki-kita store 〒101-0022 東京都千代田区神田練堀町3-3 03-3252-5885
  • Edogawa nishi kasai 7-chome store 〒134-0088 東京都江戸川区西葛西7-15-15 03-3804-5058
  • Edogawa seishin plaza store 〒134-0087 東京都江戸川区清新町1-3-10 03-3686-3198
  • Nishi kasai 3-chome store 〒134-0088 東京都江戸川区西葛西3-15-7 03-5605-9511
  • Edogawa naka kasai 3-chome nishi store 〒134-0088 東京都江戸川区中葛西3-32-20 03-3877-7611
  • Edogawa nishi kasai 4-chome store 〒134-0088東京都江戸川区西葛西4-2-14 03-3804-1450
  • Edogawa naka kasai 3-chome store 〒134-0083東京都江戸川区中葛西3-29-3 03-3877-7881

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